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15 August 2012 @ 09:07 pm
SOOOO, I did a boo-boo, as I'm prone to do, and deleted the original welcome/sticky/application post, which, if I do say so myself, was epically awesome. 

It is now lost into the ether of hyperspace, never to return, I'm afraid. 

BUT. womenverse is still 100% awesome, yeah? And I know new folks might like to get in on it. So, suffice it to say, womenverse is a landcomm dedicated to celebrating all girl/women characters in fandom, in books, video games, television shows, movies, comics, what have you. All challenges are women-centric, and all fanworks produced focus on the women of fandom. That doesn't mean works can't include men, or that works have to be femslash or not shippy, but it does mean women characters are at the center, and they're always respected. No hate, no bashing. Just friendly competition. 

We have three teams, Combat Boots, Flip-Flops, and Stilettos. And they're all awesome : ) We are currently toward the end of our second phase, but anyone can join at any time! 

So if you'd like to join, please copy/paste the below form into a comment: 

<b>Name: </b>
<b>Team Preferences in Order: </b>
<b>If applicable, who referred you (name a person, not a comm): </b>
04 June 2015 @ 03:51 pm
Hi there!

This is The Post! The post in which we are saying that we will hereby close womenverse and probably not reopen it. We hope you all had an awesome time in this landcomm, we certainly did, and hope that we all will continue making awesome things for our favourite women at other landcomms, such as gameofcards, or future landcomms.

We wish you all the best and thanks for participating (for eight rounds, wow, how awesome is that!) in the celebration of women, which, like I said, will hopefully continue in other landcomms (it definitely will from our side :D).

This was a PSA from your headmods dance_the_dance (who's sitting next to me :D) and me.
01 September 2014 @ 04:12 pm
The inactivity cut has been completed. Everyone who had never participated in round eight was removed from the community, except for people on hiatus and people who joined less than a month ago.

If I made a mistake, please let me know.

Remember than being cut is not a punishment, it's only done to make sure that all teams have active members. You are always more than welcome to re-apply when you have more time to participate! :) ♥
Part 1 of the post is HERE. :)

The secrets are posted in alphabetical order by recipient.

This post is public, so people who have left womenverse during this round can still see the love secrets they got. :)

ALL THE LOVECollapse )
Part 2 of this post is HERE.

EVERYONE IN THIS COMMUNITY IS REALLY FRAKKING AWESOME, JSYK. :D Every single member got at least 2 secrets, a lot of people got more than 2. Thank you so much to the pinch hitters and all the other participants! ♥

The secrets are posted in alphabetical order by recipient.

This post is public, so people who have left womenverse during this round can still see the love secrets they got. :)

ALL THE LOVECollapse )
15 April 2013 @ 06:48 pm
(closes 29 April 2013 at 3 pm GMT)


- What would your favorite character(s) send to PostSecret? Make graphics with secrets (up to 5) and post them in your team thread, or in your lj/community/theshoeshelf and link them in your team thread.


- You need to specify whose secret it is, but don't sign the graphic.

- Examples:
Cordelia (BtVS)

Cordelia (Angel)

Echo (Dollhouse)

- You can use as many characters and as many fandoms as you want.

- You can use fandom images or stock images.

- There is no minimum or maximum size, but try not to make the graphics tiny or huge.

- The entries can be as cracky or as serious as you want.

- Male characters can be included, but the secret must be from a female character's POV.

- Please warn for spoilers and anything R- or NC17-rated.

- There is no voting, so comments aren't screened and you can share your entries.

- Remember, if you post to theshoeshelf, you still need to link your entry in the team thread to get points!


20 points per graphic, up to 5 graphics (100 points). Partial points are allowed.

1 point for using a sig tag
Challenge Post 
Voting Post

First Place goes to  Entry Number 002 by cookielaura of Team Combat Boots

"Say it and it shall be so"Collapse )

Second Place goes to Entry Number 008 by paperclipbitch of Team Stilettos.

"not that girl"Collapse )

Third Place goes to Entry Number 005 by agathons_fan of Team Combat Boots

"Dreams"Collapse )

and Entry Number 007 by jacquelee of Team Flip-Flops

"What could have been"Collapse )

Congratulations to everyone who entered drabbles into the contest! Everyone received *at least* one vote. And thank you to all who took the time to read the entries and vote!


Combat Boots: 569
Flip-Flops: 232
Stilettos: 336

Congrats to Team Combat Boots for earning the most points! : D

Don't forget to check the spread sheet to make sure your points are correct.
Please vote for your two favourites! There are only ten, so you should be able to read them all. Even though you may not be familiar with all the fandoms, try to judge based on which sentences you like best or which are most clever given the 100-word stipulation, and not based on your favourite fandom : ) Any that have spoilers are very, very vague.

Format your response like this:

Votes: 013, 025
Team Name: Barefoot : )

No sig tags for this bit.

You receive 10 points for participating in the vote. Eaaasssssy money. 

First place will receive 200 points. Second place will receive 100 points. Third place will receive 50 points.

You have until 9 November December 2012 @ 7PM GMT!

*fiendishly keeps editing* 

For this challenge, no voting for yourself.

The Contestants! Collapse )
29 August 2012 @ 11:36 pm
Here you can contact the mods for any reason - you can ask any questions, comment on anything, ask to be affiliates, leave challenge suggestions, etc.

If you need a hiatus, please comment with an approximate date when you will be coming back. It doesn't have to be exact, "in about two months" is okay, but it can't be open-ended.

If you need to opt out (leave the community), you can do so here, too. Of course you can always come back later! :)

Comments are screened.